South Pymatuning Township Police Department
3483 Tamarack Drive
Sharpsville, PA 16150
Non Emergency: 724-962-7856
Emergency: 911
Police Liason: Rose Lyons
Paul Ferm, Chief
Tim Covert, Officer
Joe Yarzab, Officer

South Pymatuning Township Fire Department
PO Box 563
Sharpsville, PA 16150
Non Emergency: 724-962-9481
Emergency: 911
Andy Bush, Chief
Pat Cull, 2nd Assistant
Jason Coryea, 1st Assistant
Chris Nagy, EMS Chief
Chris Nagy, President
Don Perrine, Lieutenant
Amy Higgins, Vice President
Amy Higgins, EMS Captain
Stephanie Lapikas, Secretary
Gerald Hinkle, Treasurer
Hall Rentel $125 plus $50 deposit
Contact Dixie Raiti at 724-974-8412
Pool water delivery - contact the Fire Department
No new pools will be filled.
The fire department does not rent tables and chairs out to the public.

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