South Pymatuning Township Police Department
3483 Tamarack Drive
Sharpsville, PA 16150
Administrative Use Only: 724-962-7857
Non Emergency: 724-662-6110
Emergency: 911
Police Liason: Johnathan Leyshon
Police Chief - Paul Ferm
Jeffrey Cortez - Officer
Austin Krauss - Officer
Nico - K9 Officer
Trent Zank - Officer
Matthew Roth - Officer

South Pymatuning Township Fire Department
3505 Tamarack Drive
Sharpsville, PA 16150
Non Emergency: 724-962-9481
Emergency: 911
Andy Bush, Chief
Mike Kilcoyne, 2nd Assistant
Jason Coryea, 1st Assistant
Jenna Bush, President
Mike Kudelko, Treasurer
Donnie Perrine, Trustee
Dixie Raiti, Trustee
Don Doddato, Trustee
Hall Rental $150 plus $100 deposit
Contact Dixie Raiti at 724-974-8412
Pool water delivery - contact the Fire Department
No new pools will be filled.
The fire department does not rent tables and chairs out to the public.

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